Hunter Boots Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Hunter boots are super thick, chic, more comfortable than any pair of boots ever, and quite liberating too. You can wear them in the rain, in the mud and you know they won’t be ruined or affected – much. So, cleaning and maintaining your hunter classic rain boots is a task you can’t and shouldn’t ignore.

Here are a few cleaning tips for shine and maintenance of your cherished pair of Hunter boots:

1. Use a Hunter buffer regularly for a gorgeous shine and a fine pristine finish, no matter how much you wear them. Just do not apply it on metallic finish hunter boots!

2. You can buy Hunter buffers online and shoe shining solutions to clean and shine your boots as often as you like. Because nobody likes rain boots with creases and dried muddy streaks on them.

3. Some hunter boots get a powdery substance due to blooming. Remove it with a gentle brushing with a buffer.

4. For caked mud and other stains, blot and gently rub your boots with a mixture of lukewarm water and a dishwashing liquid. This will fight off the dirt without harming the material of your boots. You can do this weekly, or twice a week if you use your boots in a heavy daily basis.

5. Remove all dirt from zippered boots by scrubbing very gently in a downward motion. Use can use an old towel or tee for this purpose.

6. Air dry your boots and never place them in direct sunlight!

7. For scuffed boots, try using a clean pencil eraser gently till the scuffing goes away. Remove the eraser shavings with a soft old tee and continue till all scuffed marks disappear.

Family Trips To Africa Will Help You To Grow Closer To Each Other

Spending family trips to africa is a great way for you to bond. When you take a trip out of the country, you will have many hours of traveling together, and many days to spend getting to know one another better. Not to mention that you will get to see a whole new culture. You will get to experience something great together with your family when you decide to go on a trip like this, and that will be something that you will never forget.
It will be a good thing to not only have the time together while you are on the trip, but to also have this time to look back on. You will realize just how much closer you have grown together through doing this.

Experiencing a whole new land together will help to make your bond with each of your family members grow. Africa is a beautiful place, and you will love everything about the trip you take.